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    Training Script

    Post by GreyWolfe on Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:12 am


    Hello Im [Rank, Name] and welcome to Basic Training for the US Navy SEALs

    This is a intro training, however there will be more opportunities to advance your training in the future.

    Here at SEALs we believe in hard work.

    The more you do your job and do it to the best of your ability, the more you get paid.

    Any questions before we move on to training?


    Now we begin the training phase.

    First part is commands

    Commands will be used regularly throughout the operation of SEAL.

    First command is FTF.

    FTF means "Fill The Front"

    Next command is BTB

    BTB means "Back To Base"

    Last command is the most important

    When an Officer enters the gates in the base, someone will call ATTENTION ON DECK. You will stand 1 space behind the seat you were in or any seat if you were standing. Then wait for the Commanding Officer to call "At Ease" or "Carry on"


    Pay is weekly and is based on the work and hours of each worker. With one member winning "Most Recruits" with a 10c bonus.

    If you enlist or get a transfer make sure they tell us your name so we can give you credit. Recruit or Transfer has be in for at least a week for it to count



    You have passed Basic training.

    We will keep you posted on new training sessions.

    Make your motto [SEAL] Seaman Recruit [Your Tag]

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